Welcome to Jack & Olivia. This short film demonstrates how simple changes to your lifestyle can enhance your life and overall feeling of wellbeing. We follow a typical day in Jack & Olivia’s life to see how their balance of work and play harmonizes their lives.

Health + Lifestyle = Happiness

Udo’s Choice promotes a positive, healthy lifestyle. We believe that taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a chore. Improving your health and maintaining it doesn’t have to be defined by a strict regime or depriving yourself of things that you enjoy – good health can be gained through a combination of physical activity and ensuring your body is fed the essential vitamins and minerals, balanced with some treats too!

More importantly, when you are physically active and eating healthily it can have a positive effect on the mind as well as the body and you can enjoy doing the things that you love every day to improve your health and lifestyle whilst having fun at the same time.

The Art of The Golden Hour

Jack & Olivia embrace this way of life. Rather than making healthy eating and exercise rule them, they incorporate healthy positive habits into every day. To ensure they get enough exercise, they try to spend an hour everyday doing physical activities that they enjoy, improving their feeling of wellbeing and helping to get rid of daily stress.

Making simple changes to diet, exercise and your daily routine is something everyone can do. We can all incorporate some kind of daily activity into our lives whether it’s riding a bike, walking a dog or going for a run through the park. You can even use it as an opportunity to try new activities and push your boundaries.


Lifestyle should be designed by you and feature all the elements that express harmony – both work and play, whether this is relaxing with the papers on a sunday, enjoying what you do at work, walking along a beach on a stormy day or simply just enjoying your surroundings. Be true to your happiness – make sure you do something everyday that makes you and somebody else smile. So today is the day that you will take control of your lifestyle.


The Essentials

It’s one thing gaining the perfect life balance, but ultimately you need to the essentials. So we thought we’d help you with a few of our ultimate favorites.


How will you bring Udo's Choice into your day?

Below are a selection of recipes to help bring Udo’s Choice into your day.